HJS Solutions provide following services to meet your business needs!

Email Management

  • Set Up email Account
  • Organise inbox with folders
  • Email clear out
  • Organize Inbox
  • Remove Spam
  • Establish important messages and respond to the rest on your behalf
  • File extremely important mail
  • Manage email list subscriptions
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists

Administrative support

  • Data Processing– turning raw data into PowerPoint Presentation, Word Document, maintain & update databases & spreadsheets, data analysis, data graphs, type up and organize notes.
  • Travel Management – Research and book flights, hotels, car rental, airport to hotel travel, create itinerary, trip planning and everything else that comes with travel management.
  • Purchasing Support– input orders & create invoices, send quotations
  • Event Management Assistance- Find venues, follow up attendees, prepare documents, research exhibitions or events
    Social Tasks – Send Holiday Cards, Thank You Notes & Gifts
  • Find & book restaurants for meetings or personal life
  • To-do list accomplisher
  • Calendar management– organise calendar for work and personal life.

Online Research

  • Event Research
  • Comparing the price
  • Online research on any topic for blog posts, newsletters etc.
  • Online research and data entry
  • General or customized research for your business


  • Put finances in order
  • Go through your statements and see where you spend money or how you can save money.
  • Send graphs of money categories for the year/ month/ weeks.
  • Analyse your income and expenditure.

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